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Crossover...Death To Life

Interview & Book Review---Author Karen Foote

PictureAuthor" target="_blank">"/>Author Karen FooteThough the unfolding of events in this book, you'll discover truths to help you walk in greater freedom, blessing and heavenly effectiveness than ever before. This book will help in connecting a crossover experience to healing, and help you understand and relate more wisely and lovingly with those among you who are suffering.

​This Book Crossover ...Death To Life Is A Supernatural Journey Strategically Planned By God From The Brink Of Death To Life. Reflections Of Lessons Learned In The Hard Place Of Suffering With Life-Changing Encounters With God. Trusting The Sovereignty Of God To Navigate Even In The Most Tragic Circumstances, Opportunity To Exercise Your Faith And Experience God's Grace And Deliverance.

Picture" target="_blank">"/>PureFlix FREE Trial" width="225"/>Meet Christian Singles!" width="225"/>PictureCollect" target="_blank">"/>Collect Them AllPictureOperating" target="_blank">"/>Operating Room Team Witness MiraclesSo how do you respond when suffering calls your name?

My True Story was spread out for some 9 - 10 years, but what was so remarkable was the fact that the entire process was supernaturally orchestrated and controlled by God. I was thought to be a healthy woman, who suddenly recieves the diagnosis of a life-threating condition and that was only the beginning.

Although shaken, unready to face the fate of death, I pushed all the information regarding the diagnosis out of my mind like an unwelcome guest and carried on with my days. Then like a goldfish out of his bowl grasping for breath, you could see I was trying to pull the air in. My nostrils flared as I inhaled, the muscles in my neck and collarbone were working extra hard too. Barely able to breathe, I couldn't even speak a sentence. Coughing and wheezing, it sounded like air going through a balloon - where if you pinch the balloon and hear that squeaking sound. It was just after 5 am. on Sunday morning when I stopped breathing and no brain activity whatsoever. I died and crossed over into the afterlife.

Doctors couldn't explain how Karen "The Miracle Woman" came back to Life.

But I soon realized it was all God's doing. His words to me were; I have plans you need to fulfill on earth that you cannot fulfill in heaven.

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Picture" target="_blank">"/>Picture" target="_blank">"/>Picture" target="_blank">"/>Author Karen Foote, is woman of strong character, wisdom, faith and great compassion. Has a strong foundation based on the Word of God in daily pursue of the vision God has for her life.   Down to earth yet Kingdom minded, with a great sense of humor. A leader who leads by example. As tale spinner, she authors in-depth quides that teach others ways to manage, grow and scale their lives.She is one sought - after author because of her writing as well as her life experiences in which generate an approach to life with practical skills to empower others in all aspects of their lives by blending colorful illustrations with solid principles.

​Her mission is to challenge people to go further in their spiritual journey, live selflessly and intentionally, care about positively impacting the world around them, and find the unexpected places God is speaking in life, music and culture. To mobilize and empower so we may transform our world together. As an accomplished author she has authored four insightful and inspiring books which have touched many lives around the world .Her books have also received starred reviews in Publisher Weekly, Courier Post and Booklist. Books include The Guiding Light Daily Devotional Journal, Broken Pieces, Crossover...Death to Life and HodgePodge Soup.

In addition to writing, in a former life with her entrepreneurial spirit she founded a custom fashion establishment which generated 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail location in New Jersey. She currently serves on the Executive Board of Wearing It Well, Inc.a NJ Non-Profit Organization which focus is on Career Closet, Vocational Education and Employment training. Also Executive Production Director of Hot Spot Entertainment - an independent outlet which develops it's own productions specializing in performing arts and video to provide an entertainment platform for all genres.